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Nightwatchman! Allen F. JonesxAnima.!Male! Reader by VaderLover323 Nightwatchman! Allen F. JonesxAnima.!Male! Reader :iconvaderlover323:VaderLover323 4 0 Neko! Humanized! Miguel Camino x Neko! Reader by VaderLover323 Neko! Humanized! Miguel Camino x Neko! Reader :iconvaderlover323:VaderLover323 1 0  Hetalia  Bonne Saint Valentin By Koinogenki by VaderLover323 Hetalia Bonne Saint Valentin By Koinogenki :iconvaderlover323:VaderLover323 2 0


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Merman!France x Artist!Reader (Commission) :icon41frostbite:41Frostbite 168 128
FREDBEAR by RockieTheBestFazbear FREDBEAR :iconrockiethebestfazbear:RockieTheBestFazbear 3 0 PAPY-A-DAY// Day 10 by catfoxanimations PAPY-A-DAY// Day 10 :iconcatfoxanimations:catfoxanimations 27 9
Chosen (Freddy Fazbear x F.Birthday!Reader)
(Recommended for female readers)
You and your best friend, (BF/N) were being dropped off by (his/her) mother. You didn’t know how (he/she) convinced you, but you said yes anyways since it was a birthday gift. This place called ‘Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza’ just sounded like a Chuck E. Cheese spin-off and you had no intention or interest of going there for your private birthday party. (BF/N) said that the mascots there had a mind of their own, (BF/N) said it was going to be fun… You two were sitting in the back seat of a black Chevy while a bag of items were hogging the front seat. She said she didn’t want to move it so you two just sat in the back seat. It was in the afternoon when the chevy pulled up infront of the building. “Do you have your money?” (BF/N)’s mother asked from the driver’s seat. (he/she) put their hands in their pockets as a reminder. “Yes mom.” (he/she) said, by the tone of their voice (he/she) sounde
:icontiffanythediamond:TiffanyTheDiamond 10 5
Bunnymund x Spring!Spirit Reader: Spring (Commish)
Author's Note:
:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:
Enjoy The Story!!
Bunnymund POV~
It’s a week before Easter and I’ve been crazy busy! My bunny minions have been working overtime, getting all the eggs made in time. I’ve been stressed out like crazy.
“Hey! Kangaroo!! Wanna go do something fun?”
I look up to see Jack Frost flying down in front of me. I make a low growl.
“I’m obviously to busy. Easter is in a week!”
Jack gets a fake smile on his face.
“OH?! I didn’t know work to hard, man. You need to let loose and have some fun!”
He shoots up into spiraling into the sky, screaming”
“Unlike some people, I actually work!! Leave me alone, snow fairy.”
I smile at my insult, and when he comes back, he’s angry, makin
:icon41frostbite:41Frostbite 272 65
092 - Gastly by TsaoShin 092 - Gastly :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,752 123 081 - Magnemite by TsaoShin 081 - Magnemite :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,443 224 098 - Krabby by TsaoShin 098 - Krabby :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,966 127 [Requ] Survival of the most fertile by Marrazan
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[Requ] Survival of the most fertile :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 611 29
[Suggestion Box] T2 #04 by Marrazan [Suggestion Box] T2 #04 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 521 20 Patreon private stream #01 by Marrazan
Mature content
Patreon private stream #01 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 381 18
BunnymundxBabysitter! Reader (Request.)
“We’re heading out now, be good now, and listen to everything you cousin [Name] tells you okay?” your aunt said as she stooped down and gave your little 9 year old cousin, Ashlyn, a bear hug. It was Easter and they had been invited to an all adults Easter party and needed a babysitter ASAP. You lived nearby, so they gave you a ring and you drove over.
“Yes Mama. I will!” she said and ran back over to you to grab your hand. You waved bye to your Aunt and Uncle as they left. You watched as they piled into their car and drove away. Once they were out of site, you turned to Ashlyn.  
“So, guess what we’re going to do now?” you asked her. She gave you a huge smile and started jumping up and down in excitement.
“Easter hunt! Easter hunt! Easter hunt!” she exclaimed. You smiled down at her and nodded.
“That’s right. Go grab your basket and we’ll start right away.” you said. She nodded and started going up
:iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 278 45
Req. - Sif by Marrazan Req. - Sif :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 2,676 68
Seven Minutes in Heaven (Romania)
Confused, you stick your hand into the hat. Your fingers brush something smooth and, deciding that it was odd, you grabbed it. Pulling it out, you see a...
Saint Peter Coin. 
"The saint of fishermen? Who's...?" you murmur. 
"That would be mine." a calm voice interjected, his arms threading around your waist. You are frozen in place, this strange voice holding a spell over you. 
"Who...?" you spin to see the figure. "Ah!" you gasp, spinning into your best friend, Romania. 
"Did I tell you I had a scary vampire voice?" he chuckled, pinning you to his chest as he stumbled over to the closet. You giggling as you tried walk backwards, still pressed against him. 
"What are you doing?" you laugh as he keeps walking straight into the closet's back wall. 
"I don't know!" he replied, laughing back, tightening his grip on you as he rocked back and forth on his heels. 
"Hey, guess what!" he chuckled, nuzzling your hair with his nose. 
"Hm~" you moan softly,
:iconlilacgiraffe:lilacgiraffe 208 93
Prince!Egypt x Princess!Betrothed!Reader

Daylight by Maroon 5

"What?!" you shouted, standing up suddenly and slamming your fists onto the large table.
"(Name)! A princess does not raise her voice at her mother!" your mother shouted.
You huffed and slumped in your seat. You could not believe what you were hearing! Yeah, so the eastern kingdom and the southern kingdom (your kingdom, also) were in a feud, but did they really have to request a marriage?! And with you?! Yeah! You had to get married to some prince you didn't even know! I mean, they could've signed some peace treaty! But noooo, they just had to ruin your life!
"I'm sorry, (Name), but it's for the best. We can't risk the lives of young soldiers in war." your father explained.
You glared at them and stood up, stomping angrily out of the grand dining area. You see, you were the princess of a rather large, and well known
:iconshidaria:Shidaria 36 12
Scotland X Read: Bad Sexy Scotty!
Scotland X Reader: Bad Sexy Scotty
Hey, dudes! This is another Scotland story, because I've only done two~! =w=;
*drools* Scotland accents are SEXY~! >//w//
:iconanimekath:animekath 469 207


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I don't mind getting notes from anyone. :D I'm nice.
Okay, so... I put the FNAF/Hetalia mixed story up at least eleven days ago and there are literally no comments on it. No. Comments. Whatsoever. I don't care if you guys favorite the story. I just wanna see who likes it as well as who wants me to make another one. I just made that one up for freaking fun.
Nightwatchman! Allen F. JonesxAnima.!Male! Reader

Allen’s POV

Welp, here I am at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. I use to come here as a child and my absolute favorite animatronic is (m/n). He was (fav. ani.) with (e/c) and (f/c). He was always at Pirate Cove with Foxy the Pirate Fox, who always sprinting down the hallway just to reach the office. That particular fox is my least favorite. My brother, James, his favorite animatronic is Bonnie the Bunny. Don’t know why though. I didn’t ask him, nor do I want to. I was at the pizzeria a few minutes early so I decided to walk around. I then see (m/n) standing next to the Pirate Cove, deactivated. I carefully walk up to the stage and look at the animatronic with a small smile. Even if he’s not active, I love him. Wait, what am I saying?! I should be in the office now. Once at the office, I set my things down and got straight to work.

I just picked up a new job

But I'm hoping it ain't hard

After all it's the night shift

I'll be working the graveyard

Urban legends aside, I think I'll be fine

There's no way these things are alive

It's just a robot with nothing inside, right?

~Timeskip to 4 am~

Second Person POV

    You were active and was in the blind spot of camera 4b, which is the East Hall corner. You were looking into the camera before going up to the door only to have it close in your face. You then pout and go to the window after Chica had left.

    “Al, let me in please,” you plead, giving him a butt-hurt look while pouting.

    “Oh, hell nah, man. I don’t want ya to kill me,” Allen replied, leaning back in the chair as he props his feet up onto the desk.

    “You do realize that your power’s at one percent, correct? If not, then have fun with Freddy,” you say in a song-like way, walking away from the door as the power went out.

    You hear Freddy doing the Toreador March, and, halfway through and as you were on your stage next to Pirate Cove, you hear the six am chime before pouting again. You were just about to deactivate just as you hear Allen approaching.

    “Well, well, well, (m/n). I beat my fifth and final night here at this pizzeria. Now I don’t have to come here and see Faz-fuck again,” the American said, proud of himself.

    “Haha, think again. You have one more night,” you replied, seeing Allen’s face drop.

    “Y-you’re kidding right? Tell me that you’re joking,” he pleaded.

    “Nope. Not a joke,” you say, “see ya tomorrow, Jones.”

Not like I'm fighting to survive

What was that noise? Bonnie is gone

Honestly, my skin is starting to crawl

Something is coming, they're walking the halls

And now that my power is starting to fall

You were talking to the rest of the gang in the break room and you were quietly telling Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie about your crush on Allen. You asked them to promise not to tell the others, which they do, and you thanked both of them before telling them that you’ll see them later that day. When it was a few minutes after closing, you went into your heat (A/N: most vertebrate species exhibit recurring periods of heightened sexual activity in which they are sexually attractive, proceptive and receptive to males) and you quickly went to the kitchen, seeking Golden Freddy’s advice.

I'm sick of seeing all these sinister faces

Why am I working for minimum wage?

If I could be killed, they should give me a raise

Why did they hire me? This is insane!

Allen walked into the pizzeria for his final night at the place and he was prepared for the worst of it. What he didn’t know, though, was that your (fav. col.) curtains (A/N: Yes, you have your own stage like Foxy’s but it’s on the other side of the main stage, and your stage has curtains like Foxy’s but in your favorite color, whatever that color may be) were open and you weren’t on the stage. As you were talking to Golden Freddy, you hear the American’s footsteps nearing the kitchen. You then ran, almost like Foxy, to the bathroom just as Golden Freddy quickly went into the cupboard he was residing in. Once in the bathroom, you lock yourself into a stall as you think of the red-eyed American male, getting hard with every thought.

Enjoy your five long nights

Kick back and grab a slice

If you get hurt on the job

We cannot cover your loss

Just get to 6 and you'll be fine

Once he was done checking the kitchen, Allen went to the bathroom and heard moans and groans coming from the other side of the door. He opened the bathroom door and saw that all but one stall were open. The American cautiously approached the door that was closed and saw animatronic feet - your feet - under the bottom of the stall door. He gently knocked on the door, making you jump and ask about who was at the door.

What's with all these accidents happening?

And we're still in business? That is baffling

All these cameras had better be accurate

I can't imagine if they get their hands on me

Got a long past full of tragedy

What was the Bite of '87 actually?

Why does it seem like every damn event at Freddy's

Is no less than a massive catastrophe?

You don't need to reiterate the gravity

Of making sure I don't run out of batteries

Or they might reconfigure my anatomy

Adding me to the mechanical family

    “(M-m/n), it’s me, A-allen. I w-wanted to talk to you, if t-that’s okay,” the American asked, shuffling his feet a bit but you didn’t know if you wanted to unlock the door just yet. You were still in your heat and you didn’t want the redhead to know about your heat. You notice that Allen had crouched down and started to crawl under the stall door. You were blushing as red as Foxy’s fur. Once he was in the stall completely, Allen stands up and looks at you as his face as red as yours. You, even if you were an animatronic, knew what feelings were in other’s eyes, and you could tell that the red-eyed male has lust in his eyes.

Enjoy your five long nights

Kick back and grab a slice

If you get hurt on the job

We cannot cover your loss

Just get to 6 and you'll be fine

“Y-you need t-to get out of h-here, J-jones,” you told Allen, still not wanting him in the stall with you since you were still in your heat. Even if you took a cold bath, the heat would leave if you had to do a certain thing with the redhead.

“I-I gotta tell ya something’ though,” Allen said, pinning to the stall wall as well as trapping you between his body and the wall.

Ok, 6 AM, rolling around any second now, come on

Let's do this, come on baby, I'm ready, Freddy!

Let's go 6 AM, don't got all night

Tick tock, tick tock!

Everybody just, uh, stay in your designated places

No need to come into the back office!

“J-jones…?! W-why are y-you doing t-this…?!” you ask as you try to get out of the barrier that the American and the wall made.

“Not until why you tell me why you weren’t on your stage!” Allen retorted, getting a bit angry.

You growl and kiss the American forcefully, your hands gripping the night guard’s shirt as you pull him close to you.

I smell a foul odor

I think it's getting closer

I'm having hallucinations

How much longer till the night is over?

Maybe the place is haunted

And all they want is closure

But I really don't give a damn

I just wanna clock out and knock back a cold one

But Chica's tweaking out

Now Foxy's peeking out

Freddy is creeping around

I'm losing my power just keeping him out

Look at this article! Reading it now

Learning more info that's creeping me out

5 AM, I'm going steady

Now I'm screwed, IT'S GOLDEN FREDDY!

Allen was surprised at first but he returns the favor of kissing you back while pushing you up against the wall and gently grinding against you. You moan softly into the kiss as you deepen the kiss. As time passed, the rest of the animatronics hear moans and groans coming from the men's’ restroom as Spring Bonnie sneakily took pictures on his phone with the ringer off and, once done with everything, Allen looks at you with loving eyes once you two were done with your session.

“Love ya, (m/n),” Allen says to you as he pecks your lips.

“Love you too, Jones,” you whisper back as you peck his lips in return.

Enjoy your five long nights

Kick back and grab a slice

If you get hurt on the job

We cannot cover your loss

Just get to 6 and you'll be fine

Enjoy your five long nights

Kick back and grab a slice

If you get hurt on the job

We cannot cover your loss

Just get to 6 and you'll be fine

*Extended Ending*

    After you and your boyfriend left the restroom, Spring Bonnie had dashed out as if he was being chased by a swarm of bees.

    “Woah, S.B., where’s the fire?” you ask, approaching the golden bunny and gently putting a hand on the other male’s shoulder.

    The green-eyed rabbit smirked and showed you the pictures in private as well as Golden Freddy, who was blushing as red as a fire truck.

    “You mother-fu-- GET BACK HERE!!!” you yell as you chase Spring Bonnie around the pizzeria.

    “Is (m/n) always like this when someone does something he doesn’t appreciate?” Allen asks the other animatronics.

    “Yep,” they all respond at the same time as you continue to chase the golden bunny around until morning.


(m/n) - Male Name

(fav. ani.) - Favorite animal

(e/c) - Eye color

(f/c) - Fur color

(fav. col.) - Favorite color

Anima. - Animatronic

Song and pic aren't mine.
You belong to Allen.
Allen belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Here, have a Minecraft and FNAF crossover for ya.

Other ways to reach me:


Crystle Barrett
United States


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