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Neko! Humanized! Miguel Camino x Neko! Reader by VaderLover323 Neko! Humanized! Miguel Camino x Neko! Reader :iconvaderlover323:VaderLover323 1 0  Hetalia  Bonne Saint Valentin By Koinogenki by VaderLover323 Hetalia Bonne Saint Valentin By Koinogenki :iconvaderlover323:VaderLover323 1 0


Bunnymund x Spring!Spirit Reader: Spring (Commish)
Author's Note:
:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:
Enjoy The Story!!
Bunnymund POV~
It’s a week before Easter and I’ve been crazy busy! My bunny minions have been working overtime, getting all the eggs made in time. I’ve been stressed out like crazy.
“Hey! Kangaroo!! Wanna go do something fun?”
I look up to see Jack Frost flying down in front of me. I make a low growl.
“I’m obviously to busy. Easter is in a week!”
Jack gets a fake smile on his face.
“OH?! I didn’t know work to hard, man. You need to let loose and have some fun!”
He shoots up into spiraling into the sky, screaming”
“Unlike some people, I actually work!! Leave me alone, snow fairy.”
I smile at my insult, and when he comes back, he’s angry, makin
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092 - Gastly by TsaoShin 092 - Gastly :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,683 121 081 - Magnemite by TsaoShin 081 - Magnemite :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,369 213 098 - Krabby by TsaoShin 098 - Krabby :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,895 124 [Requ] Survival of the most fertile by Marrazan
Mature content
[Requ] Survival of the most fertile :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 580 29
[Suggestion Box] T2 #04 by Marrazan [Suggestion Box] T2 #04 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 505 20 Patreon private stream #01 by Marrazan
Mature content
Patreon private stream #01 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 379 18
BunnymundxBabysitter! Reader (Request.)
“We’re heading out now, be good now, and listen to everything you cousin [Name] tells you okay?” your aunt said as she stooped down and gave your little 9 year old cousin, Ashlyn, a bear hug. It was Easter and they had been invited to an all adults Easter party and needed a babysitter ASAP. You lived nearby, so they gave you a ring and you drove over.
“Yes Mama. I will!” she said and ran back over to you to grab your hand. You waved bye to your Aunt and Uncle as they left. You watched as they piled into their car and drove away. Once they were out of site, you turned to Ashlyn.  
“So, guess what we’re going to do now?” you asked her. She gave you a huge smile and started jumping up and down in excitement.
“Easter hunt! Easter hunt! Easter hunt!” she exclaimed. You smiled down at her and nodded.
“That’s right. Go grab your basket and we’ll start right away.” you said. She nodded and started going up
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Req. - Sif by Marrazan Req. - Sif :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 2,569 66
Seven Minutes in Heaven (Romania)
Confused, you stick your hand into the hat. Your fingers brush something smooth and, deciding that it was odd, you grabbed it. Pulling it out, you see a...
Saint Peter Coin. 
"The saint of fishermen? Who's...?" you murmur. 
"That would be mine." a calm voice interjected, his arms threading around your waist. You are frozen in place, this strange voice holding a spell over you. 
"Who...?" you spin to see the figure. "Ah!" you gasp, spinning into your best friend, Romania. 
"Did I tell you I had a scary vampire voice?" he chuckled, pinning you to his chest as he stumbled over to the closet. You giggling as you tried walk backwards, still pressed against him. 
"What are you doing?" you laugh as he keeps walking straight into the closet's back wall. 
"I don't know!" he replied, laughing back, tightening his grip on you as he rocked back and forth on his heels. 
"Hey, guess what!" he chuckled, nuzzling your hair with his nose. 
"Hm~" you moan softly,
:iconlilacgiraffe:lilacgiraffe 206 93
Prince!Egypt x Princess!Betrothed!Reader

Daylight by Maroon 5

"What?!" you shouted, standing up suddenly and slamming your fists onto the large table.
"(Name)! A princess does not raise her voice at her mother!" your mother shouted.
You huffed and slumped in your seat. You could not believe what you were hearing! Yeah, so the eastern kingdom and the southern kingdom (your kingdom, also) were in a feud, but did they really have to request a marriage?! And with you?! Yeah! You had to get married to some prince you didn't even know! I mean, they could've signed some peace treaty! But noooo, they just had to ruin your life!
"I'm sorry, (Name), but it's for the best. We can't risk the lives of young soldiers in war." your father explained.
You glared at them and stood up, stomping angrily out of the grand dining area. You see, you were the princess of a rather large, and well known
:iconshidaria:Shidaria 35 12
Scotland X Read: Bad Sexy Scotty!
Scotland X Reader: Bad Sexy Scotty
Hey, dudes! This is another Scotland story, because I've only done two~! =w=;
*drools* Scotland accents are SEXY~! >//w//
:iconanimekath:animekath 470 207
Request EgyptxReader Sway With Me
EgyptxReader Request
Sway With Me
Your (favorite color) dress swayed as you danced with your boyfriend. You looked into his loving eyes and then you knew that the two of you would be together forever. You knew there were many dancers around you, but the only other person you saw was Gupta, your Egyptian boyfriend. The two of you danced to the upbeat rhythm and everyone watched in awe as the two of you danced. Your (hair color) lazily swayed as you danced. He twirled you and he never missed a step, he was absolutely perfect in your eyes. You closed your eyes and let him lead you. You lost track of time when you were with him, the two of you haven't even noticed that the music has stopped. He dipped you down and waited for a few seconds before he pulled you back up again. The lights brightened and you see that everyone has started to clap for the two of you. "I love you." He muttered as the two of you walked out of the ballroom hand in hand.
You kiss his cheek. "I love you too." You repl
:iconstarburst8987:starburst8987 48 28
Just One More : China x Male!Reader

Just One More

(China x Male!Reader)

A small groan escaped a certain (H/C) haired male, his eyes slowly opening to different colors of plushies, some bigger than him even. Smiling, (Y/N) stretched, his whole body feeling better afterwards and sat up, scanning the room with a happy gaze. The large room has been filled with many plushies and over sized teddy bears. Of course, (Y/N) didn’t have a problem with it, since it was pretty cute and a nice decoration, but he felt like there were limits to things like this too.
Getting up, he walked to the bathroom and rolled his (E/C) eyes since he saw posters even hanged up here. Quickly taking a shower and changing into (Outfit), he walked to the kitchen to smell breakfast already cooking. Dumplings and Soya Bean milk have already been placed on the small table. Walking over and hugging the taller male, (Y/N) smiled up at him, “Morning,” He muttered as China smiled down at him, his light br
:iconlaughtercreatesfairy:LaughterCreatesFairy 205 11
Misunderstood: Russia x Male!Reader
(Russia x Male!Reader)
The cold breeze hadn’t affected the small (H/C) male at all. In fact, he had enjoyed the harsh winds as it brushed through his hair and swept across his (S/C) face. Smiling, he skipped up the steps to the building where a meeting was being held place. Being friends with mostly everyone there had meant no arguments or fights for him. Entering the tall building, he quickly made his way to the room.
Entering the loud room, he looked around, easily finding a certain tall man who he had met years ago. After a bit of time, they had become close and easily fell in love. However, the tall Russian wanted to keep their relationship secret, him saying something about wanting to protect him.Smiling, (Y/N) sat next to him, since the seats next to him were empty, and his sister Belarus has finally given in and found someone else to share her possessive love with.
“Hey Russia,” (Y/N) greeted, his (E/C) eyes looking up at the light violet ones. &
:iconlaughtercreatesfairy:LaughterCreatesFairy 246 30
Russia x Male!Reader (Request)
                                   Russia x Male!Reader (Request)
        You had always thought that it was dumb that nearly everyone was scared of Russia. You weren't scared of him, but you never had talked to him.
        Today was another world meeting and this meeting was going to go on for two days in America. You sometimes hated going to America. You sat next to Russia, which surprised him and he blushed slightly but you didn't notice.
        "Today's the twenty-ninth of December and tomorrow is the thirtieth....," you heard Russia say quietly to himself.
        "Huh?" you asked.
        "N-nothing," he said quickly.
        "Okay then."
        The first part of the meeting ended and of course like always nothing got resolved all there was, was fight
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Neko! Humanized! Miguel Camino x Neko! Reader
  While your master and his wife were away, you finished Mario Kart Wii before hearing arguing on the other side of the front door. You quickly get up from where you were sitting - which was the couch - and headed to the kitchen. You heard the front door slam, so you took out your (iPhone, tablet, whatever you have) and put ear buds in, listening to (y/f/s) from (y/f/a). After picking a song, you look up to realize that someone came into the kitchen without you knowing. You yelp a little and tense up a bit before the man went behind you and started to massage your back. You purred a little, then realize that you do not know this man. You stepped away from him and look into his eyes, which were green, and notice his long, brown hair was in a ponytail.
    "Lo siento, I'm Miguel. What's your name?" the man named Miguel asks you.
    "I-I'm (y/n)...," you stutter, a faint blush coming onto your cheeks.
    "I'm sorry for scaring you earlier. I didn't mean to," the Spaniard said, looking down.
    "It's not your fault. It's my fault for not looking to see if anyone was going to come into this room. It's usually only me, my master, and his wife who come in here," you say, the blush fading a bit.
    You look over to Miguel, who has become mesmerized by your voice and your (e/c) eyes and your (h/l) (h/c) hair that made you  tilt your head a little. You suddenly notice his brown ears and tail, which you point at.
    "Y-you're a neko?" you ask him, and the Spaniard looks at you a little confused. "A half-human, half-cat. I'm a neko, so if you're one, just say so."
    "Si, I am a neko. Why do you ask?"
    You point to your own ears and tail.
    "Oh, you said that you're a neko as well. Lo siento, once again," he says, a little ashamed of himself for not hearing that you're a neko as well.
    You smile a little, then walk up to him and peck his lips, making him blush deeply and return your kiss. You wrap your arms around his neck as he wraps his own arms around your waist. You feel his hands go into your shorts' pockets and squeeze your ass a little, making you get a little closer to him. You suddenly feel a little cold, making both you and Miguel look toward the kitchen door. Lightning and Sally were both staring at the sight of you and Miguel. You and the Spaniard move away from each other a little and you lead Miguel upstairs to your room so you two can play Mario Kart Wii as two different characters, which were Luigi and Daisy, and played until Lightning and Sally left once again before continuing what you two were doing before.

~~ A few years later~~

    Once you and your Spanish lover got married, you both had two kids named (f/c/n) and (s/c/n). You were all living happily as can be until Lightning and Sally crashed your honeymoon a few weeks later, telling you that the kids were destroying things.

((I don't know how this will turn out for you guys, but I hope you like it and leave a comment below for who I should do next, anime or something else.))

(y/n) ~ Your name
(f/c/n) ~ First child's name
(s/c/n) ~ Second child's name
(e/c) ~ Eye colour
(h/c) ~ Hair colour
Hetalia Bonne Saint Valentin By Koinogenki

    One day while walking home from school, you was stopped by a homeless man who was blind. You gave him some change and he thanked you for it. As you continued to walk home, you accidentally bump into a tall blonde, blue-eyed man.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay, mademoiselle?” the man asked with a thick French accent.

    “Y-yeah. Thanks for asking,” you replied, smiling a bit and also blushing about the fact that he was handsome and that he was French.

    ‘Oh, my gosh, he’s so cute!’ you thought. ‘Snap out of it, (y/n)! You gotta get home before your father worries!’

    “Are you heading somewhere? If so, do you need a ride to get there?” he asks, unlocking his car for you and you got in, even though you don’t know his name.

    “So, belle, where are you going?” the man asked. “And I didn’t get your name, either.”

    “I-I’m (y/n),” you said.

    “Nice to meet you, miss (y/n). I’m France. You can call me Francis. Either way, you know me,” Francis said with a small smile.

    “Nice to meet you too France,” you replied, yawning a bit.

    As you were falling asleep, Francis noticed that you was asleep so he started singing (f/s) by (f/a) in French, which made you smile. As he finished singing, you took hold of his free hand that wasn’t on the wheel. France smiled a bit and as you both pulled into his driveway, he parked the car, got out, went to your side of the car, picked you up bridal-style and took you inside.

    “I’ll let you sleep here for the night since you’re tired, okay?” France told me and you nodded. He layed you on his bed, and you asked him for pajamas. France granted it, got you a shirt that was bigger than the shirt that you were wearing, and he let you change into it. He came back in to see you in the over-sized shirt. You blushed a bit yet France seemed unfazed of how sexual this was. The Frenchman came to the bed in his pajamas and you nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, and he smiled when you did it.

    “Why did you come ‘ere, miss (y/n)?” Francis asks me quietly, which sent shudders up your spine every time he spoke to you. “More importantly, how did you get ‘ere?”

    “To be honest, I don’t know how or why I’m here,” you replied, rolling some of his blonde locks in your fingers and he smiles when you do it, making you giggle a little.

    “Well, since you’re ‘ere with moi,” he whispers, “will you go out with me? It would mean a lot to me if you did.”

    You smile and nod, hugging him and kissing him deeply. He kisses back with the same deepness that you’re doing, then somehow he got the over-sized shirt over your head and tossed it to the side, leaving you in your French flag underwear and bra. You blush as red as one of Spain’s tomatoes as you cover yourself with your arms, but Francis moved your arms.

    “Beautiful…,” he mutters before taking the bra and underwear off.

    You squeak at the cold air that hits your body then Francis starts kissing your neck, making you moan softly. He smirks as he continues. You continue to moan softly as said Frenchman leaves a mark on your neck, marking you as his. You feel where he left the mark and yelped slightly, not knowing what your father will say.

    “I-I think I need to go,” you stutter as you get up from the bed, find your clothes and head to a bathroom, closing and locking the door, and start to get into your normal clothes as the Frenchman tries to open the door so he can comfort you, but you decide to go out the window and head home from there. Once out the window, you run as fast as your legs would allow you to, and reach the safety of your home as you head upstairs to your room. You hear your father call out to you, but you don’t respond to him as your phone goes off, knowing that a certain Frenchman has your number and has started to contact you. You quickly deny the call and turn the ringer off so your father doesn’t hear it go off and you hide it under your pillow to not let the light show if and when your father comes into your room.

    With a sigh, you plop onto your (f/c) blanket that has (s/f/c) polka dots and swirls and stars. You fall asleep within a few minutes and sleep through the whole night, not even having a dream about Francis. Once your alarm clock hit 6:15 in the morning, you turn the alarm off, get up and head downstairs after covering the mark up.

    “(Y/n), why do you have (f/c) scarf on?” your father questions, pointing to said scarf.

    You fake a cough and tell your father that you have bronchitis and suggest that you stay home from school that day. Your father takes the bait and lets you stay home. Once he left for work, you plop back onto your bed and watch (f/an) that your friend (friend’s name) suggested when you were at lunch at school. You continue to watch the said anime, not knowing that a certain Frenchman was watching you as well as taking pictures of you while you watched your show.



Crystle Barrett
United States


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